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NR Swanks Freight Brokerage provides mobile drug testing services in which an NRSFB drug testing specialist/collector travels to your business, home, or other specified location such as an accident scene or hospital to perform a drug or alcohol test. (Only Available In Certain Areas)   
  • Mobile drug testing is utilized in most cases by companies needing multiple employee drug tests performed on-site which will eliminate the need for employees to leave the worksite and go to a testing center, this prevents downtime.
  • Mobile drug testing is also available when an employer wishes to conduct a sweep due to reasonable suspicion of drug use in the workplace.
  • Mobile drug testing services are also utilized for post-accident situations for DOT and NON-DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.
  • Mobile drug testing is used by many businesses including

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Testing Performed:
Urine Testing– is the most common screening method and detects recent use, typically within the previous three days. It’s also the only testing method approved for federally mandated testing. Businesses rely on laboratory-based urine testing for its cost-effectiveness, ability to test for a wide variety of drugs, and its long-standing record of legal defensibility.
Breath Testing -Alcohol confirmation tests (i.e., the second test given to an employee whose screening test result is 0.02 or above) are conducted by collecting and analyzing breath specimens using an approved evidential breath testing device and documenting the test result on a DOT ATF. Regulations concerning STTs, BATs, and the alcohol test collection process are found in 49 CFR Part 40 Subparts J-M.

NR Swanks Freight Brokerage drug testing specialists/collectors are certified for urine and breath alcohol screenings.

Mobile drug tests can be conducted at any location and tests can include a 5-panel or 10-panel screen all tests are sent to a SAMHSA Certified Laboratory (QUEST DIAGNOSTICS CLINICAL LABORATORIES, INC) for confirmation analysis and verification by a Medical Review Officer.

  • Mobile drug testing is a convenient and cost-effective method when a company has multiple employees needing a drug or alcohol test.
  • When providing mobile drug testing for DOT employees, NR Swanks Freight Brokerage can provide all required documentation including the Federal Chain of Custody Forms.
  • The fees for mobile drug testing can vary depending on the number of employees being tested, the on-site location address, and the time in which the on-site testing is needed.