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Meet The Ceo Nikisha Reagan of NR Swanks Freight Brokerage

INCLINE: How did you get into being a freight broker?

NR SWANKS: This was never my career choice. It wasn’t until I failed out of nursing school that I actually gave it some thought, researched it and moved on it.

INCLINE: What sets NR Swanks Freight Brokerage apart from the other companies out there doing the same as you?

NR SWANKS: What sets me apart from others is that i’m willing to go the extra mile when it comes to teaching new brokers and dispatchers the business. When newbies come in and need help with closing a contract with a company, I would step in and seal the deal for them. I know I go above and beyond for people and some other brokers in the industry would disagree with how I do thing’s but I believe that customer service is Platinum when it comes to success. I’m proud of how my business has taken off in a short period of time.

INCLINE: If you could partner with any company in the world to enhance your brand who would they be and why?

NR SWANKS: It would be Johnelle DeBusk Hunt and Bryan Hunt from Fayetteville, Arkansas. The founding father of JB Hunt Transportation, Johnnie Hunt who is now deceased. I would love to have the opportunity to pick the brain of Bryan Hunt. Find out their industry secrets and definitely learn from him. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and Johnnie Hunt made it look easy. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet him and learn from the Hunt family.

INCLINE: As you offer the Freight Broker Training, what types of people are to take the course? What does their focus look like?

NR SWANKS: I allow anyone who wants to become their own BOSS into the course. So far all of the people who have taken the course are self-motivated individuals and know where they want to go in life and they know what it takes to get there. Some are current truck driver’s, others are the spouses or children of a truck driver and very few are new to the industry.

INCLINE: What motivated you to offer opportunities from NR Swanks Freight Brokerage to others all around the world?

NR SWANKS: I created this course because I know that some of the brokers in the transportation industry are not being fair to the carrier (truck driver). I want to teach people the proper way on how to negotiate rates with the shipper and still pay the carrier the amount he/she is asking. The world has to understand that the carrier is the heart of the transportation industry. They need to be treated fairly and paid accordingly. Think about it, if it wasn’t for carrier’s we the people would really go lacking. Why because I’ve never seen a ship, airplane, or train come down the highway in my city to deliver anything. Everything that is brought in on ships, planes or trains had to be placed on or in a truck to get to its’ final destination. Therefore, I want to be the one broker who stands up for the truck drivers and create other brokers who will do the same.


Instagram: @nr_swanks

Facebook: Nikisha Reagan or @Swanks01



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